Thursday, August 21, 2008

John Adams is the Man.

I find John Adams a constant companion. So many things that distress me about my character were problems he also struggled with. Distractions, awkwardness, the inclination to imagine that, at the first appearance of friendship, a person loves you, the temptation of vanity and pride, putting too much stock in what others think…yes, we have much in common.

But I also find that he’s quite a man to imitate. He was driven by his passion—for his family, for his country, for books, for knowledge, for good standing among his peers. And he didn’t sit and ruminate about those desires; he acted, he worked, he strove to attain them. God has given me those passions—oh! if only he will help me gain the discipline to work for them!!

And once again, I’m anxious for the school year to begin again. I want to enjoy the company of other people, not for what they can do for me, but for what they are in themselves. I want to delight in the unique characters that God has surrounded me with. I want to look for a revelation of His magnificence in every interaction I have.

I'm on the verge. I'm on the brink. Something's happening here...

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