Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'm back.

Whirlwind summer: wonderful, excellent, encouraging, invigorating. A change of major (media communications to philosophy) is also bright and sunny in my life right now. Everything is peachy - mostly.

I'm excited about classes (Metaphysics and Principles of Ethics, mostly). I'm excited to see the girls on the wing - my second family. I'm excited for my final year at TU and the good times that will come with it. But certain prospects are intimidating. I'm nervous about seeing some people again after awkward interactions not-so-long ago. I'm anxious about the work load that awaits me with the stimulating and challenging classes I'm taking.

Now's the time to put all the things I learned over the summer into action: trust in a faithful Father, commitment to the wellbeing of the brothers and sisters around me, and willingness to put my very raw and sinful self into their hands and prayers.

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  1. The raw self is the one we loathe most, and our pride, therefore, convinces us so often to withhold that raw self from view (even though God can see it and we can't hide from him no matter how hard we try...duh...haha). I agree that we can only continue to learn to trust our Father with that raw self and continue to seek support from other believers through vulnerability, accountability, and trust building.

    I love your mind and soul, roommate.