Monday, March 22, 2010

Over-commitment is like the Shadowbrute.

He has brought me back here again, this place of smallness.
I'm self-aware...aware of my incapacity, aware of my insufficency, aware of my impotence.
I've been clutching, clinging, clasping these things that escape my grip.
My hands are too small. I can't manage this.
Distended, distracted, distorted.

And then, my balancing act started to tip...
I was playing with blocks, my construction towering so high...
He came in and said, "Is this what you think?" and kicked it down
Not in anger, not in frustration, but as the Great Teacher.
Yes, these things fall down easily. Don't forget that next time.
But He knows I'll forget. Yes, He knows I will.
And He'll remind me then, too.

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