Saturday, March 7, 2009

I HATE the game "Mafia"

It's by far the most tedious and non-stimulating game ever invented by bored people at a party.

Even so, I had a blast tonight at Spiegel's house. We played ONE round. ONE round of Mafia. It lasted THREE hours. ONE round of that game, THREE hours of my life. And it would have been so dull if it wasn't for a couple of simply excellent people there, specifically Christian Leman and Kyle Holloway. Granted, Kyle was murdered early on in the game, but even so.

Fortunately, when I'm tempted to wallow in misery for whatever reason (or pretty obvious reasons) God reminds me that my happiness does not depend on one person or one circumstance. The amazing friends I have even beat sunshine for reminding me how much God loves me.

I'm too exhausted to write anything profound. Maybe that will come tomorrow. Right now I'm just stoked that I got to hang out with some great people for the evening. Yes--truly great people.

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  1. Your analysis of mafia is extremely poor. Not only is mafia incredibly psychologically stimulating, but it is totally fun. Enough Said. :)