Sunday, January 24, 2010

Here is the Promise and the Threat:

That within life,
this precious thing wrought
by a God of light,
though He already fought
and conquered the dark
which sought
to strip us of the Good,

I still find
that in the giving up
and committing to bind
all desires to His cross,
fear still plagues my mind
for I cannot see His hand.

Trust hurts
for we cannot know how He,
who Himself did submit
to the greatest pain that ever could be,
might call us to a fate
the glory of which we cannot see.

For He
who did not grasp
for the glory that would be,
made Himself last,
gave all to a plan
no man could see.

And now, what will He require?
to strip me
of all I have and desire
and think that I need,
to use me for His glory
the sacrifice so necessary
to refine this life
so He
may use me
to bring glory
to the Name of the Father.

And in the end every knee
will bow and everything lost
will by His Name be freed
to praise the one
who by great mercy
accepted the filth that was my only
offering to a God so Holy,
but through the offering
given by the servant king
was set free
to be given up again.

And in the shadow of that tree
I live, set free
to bring glory
and to know my Great and Endless Need
is the only one who will satisfy me.

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