Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update: Because I don't have time to sort through old blog posts.

I'm not a libertarian anymore. Actually, I'm a lot more liberal (okay, moderate) than I used to be. I guess I'm quite the relativist when it comes to government, economics, culture, etc. I realize the need to discern what is important to a culture and to let them seek that. Sometimes (as I'm finding in Britain) people are willing and even, perhaps, eager to pay high taxes so everyone has access to a good health care system. (Yes, actually it is a very good health system. Don't listen to the conservatives who will tell you that nationalized health care will without exception go down the crapper.)

Anyway, there's a lot to say about my new/evolving economic/political views. But forgive me for my semi-dogmatic previous posts regarding politics. (Dogmatism is so hard to avoid. But I try.) I suppose future blog activity will indicate where I stand these days. Hm. Wait and see.


  1. We had a very interesting conversation with Steve last night about that...he has a different take on it after being in Oxford for several months..

  2. Mostly agree with the premise, but majorly disagree on the conclusion.

    Wouldn't libertarianism allow a culture to seek the government, economy, culture that it wants (and in a healthier way than top down governing)?

    See my facebook message!