Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good Things, Unexpected (plus the magic futon that makes everything better)

In the past six days:

Thursday - Starbucks and Payne's cinnamon buns at 10:30 pm with Sarah and Kate = great conversations; ran into Lance and Trevor. :)

Friday - 3-hour conversation with Julie and Kayla at dinner regarding everything from economics to intentionality in relationships. Then party at Shaxe's where I met, talked with, and immediately fell in love with the most wonderful Christine and my weekend is already MADE. Slept over on Sarah's futon and went to breakfast/lunch (on Saturday) in pajamas.

Saturday - Good conversation with Caroline. Dinner with Sarah, Kenzie, and Julie, then spontaneous decision to see "Defiance" (excellent, by the way) with T-Babs. Sarah later watched "Water" while at the front desk, an amazing movie that took place in India. (relevant later)

Sunday - Left at 7:45 with Trevor for church at Redeemer in Indy (hit Starbucks on the way down) and loved every second of it. Church was amazing too, and deserves a whole post to itself. Then lunch at Cheesecake factory with Trevor, Lance, and others. Afterwards, excellent and really sketchy conversation with Sarah and Kenzie on the futon which continued into dinner and beyond... The conversation touched on India, hot air balloons, being up against the wall, and beaches. Good conversation later with Caroline.

Monday - ...class... then a 2-hour nap with Sarah on the futon. We both had lots of random dreams, including stuff about India, brushing our teeth, Alison's return, and going to the DC with sleep marks on our faces. Another 2+ hour dinner conversation with Sarah and Kenz, plus Kevin and Paul from Foundation (who also slept for most of the afternoon and had strange dreams.) Mom and I make big plans for the weekend, then *BANG* and Mac Monday + brownies with bros.

Tuesday - Meeting/looking at baby pictures with Donna (mostly looking at baby pictures). Megumi joined half-way through and invited me to join a Bible study with her and Christine. :) ...class... then movie/homework/nap with Sarah on the futon. While I was napping/watching Pride and Prejudice, Sarah had the best wipe-out EVER. We laughed. Caroline called mid-nap to announce that she was accepted to Hillsdale. Booyah. After the movie, we walked through the cold wetness to dinner. At this point, Sarah and I decided to move to India where it DOESN'T SNOW and where we will sleep on a futon for the rest of our lives.

Yet to come - pranking Alison's room to warmly welcome her home...

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  1. wait just one second.
    WHO got accepted to Hillsdale?
    she must be really really really awesome.